Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Walk to the Mailbox

If you want to talk I'd prefer it in a letter as opposed to a phone call or text.
Don't get me wrong. I will reply to a text, and I'll answer my phone. But there's something about writing letters and receiving them.

I realize that I really like letters. Letters don't require instant reply, and they are an excellent lesson in patience. Letters allow you to put your thoughts down on a page. There is something very permanent about a pen, and something promising about putting it onto paper. In writing letters I have found I can be the most honest because I have time to collect all my thoughts. I have time to expand on ideas that otherwise get lost.
I like putting a stamp and addressing the letter. Licking the envelope is even a joyful experience. When I walk down to my mailbox with a letter to send, I get the chance to be thankful for the person I'm writing to. Putting the flag up on the mailbox is like sealing a deal.
Letters can be anything. Words of encouragement, apologies, ideas, jokes, condolences. 
You can call me later, text me tomorrow, but hey, today? Today, write me a letter.