Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Boys, an Apology

Dear boys,
I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the horrible treatment, the gossip, the judgement, the pressure, the expectations and the double standards.
I'm sorry that for years us girls have been showing off how we deserve to be treated better, but all the while, we're refusing to even care about how you are doing that day.
Sure, we kinda care. We'll check in occasionally. We definitely care if something will affect how you feel about US. For our selfish ways, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the times I have broken your heart and walked all over it. Even if you broke up with me, that was no excuse to flirt with every boy in front of you, try to make you jealous, or tempt you.
Sorry for thinking that we need to tempt you in order to get your attention, especially when that attention is already on someone else.
I'm sorry for thinking that men who care don't exist, while pressuring you to be the tough ones.
I'm sorry for thinking that you didn't have feelings.
Thank you, brothers, for being such men. Thank you for treating us right, for treating us like princesses and for holding us when we cry. Thank you for how blatant and honest you are with us. Thank you for the genuine smiles, and the laughs that we share. Thank you for trying to be the best man you can be.
I'm just sorry we don't treat you better.
These Dancing Daughters of the King

Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Over It

Today is official "Get Over It" Day.

Really. Just type it into Google, and you will come up with March 9th as the official "Get Over It" day. Now, let's be honest, we all have things we should probably just get over. Just be done with them and move on.

I understand: Sometimes it can be difficult to find something to get over. Therefore, I decided to make a list of all of the things that you could get over (if you can't come up with them on your own, of course). I can promise you will find something to get over today.
  • A recent break up
  • Failing a test
  • Getting in trouble at home for something you did
  • Losing a big game for your team
  • Getting pulled over on your way to something important
  • Getting a concussion
  • Losing your phone, iPod, or other fancy gadget
  • Wrecking your car
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Someone calling you a not-so-nice name
  • Putting down a dear pet
  • Technology not working
  • Being late to class
  • Not getting Manning as the Broncos quaterback
  • An ugly picture of you posted on Facebook
  • A not-so-recent breakup
  • Missing one point on a quiz
  • Accidentally killing the fly that landed on your desk
  • Losing a bobby pin
  • Getting a paper cut on your pinkie
  • The ending of The Hunger Games
  • Having your chips stolen. In second grade.
  • Your sibling eating the last cookie
  • Missing breakfast
  • Not having enough shoes
  • Not having enough followers on twitter
  • Not being able to reach the popcorn from the very comfortable position you are in
  • Finding out that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift are dating
  • The bad hair day you had in September
  • The AWFUL school picture from 7th grade
  • When communists arrive in the summer house
  • The death of your three times removed second aunt's birthmom's pet goldfish
  • The fact that you are paler than the moon
  • Reading this obnoxious post, which you though would be very serious
  • Your best friend calling you "mom" on accident
  • Being stuck behind the ice cream truck in traffic
  • Having Friday by Rebecca Black stuck in your head
If you have any more ideas, feel free to tweet them to me @MadeleineIs3rd with hashtag #getoverit. :) Any more, and we will include them in another piece.

Now go out there, and GET OVER IT!