Monday, August 5, 2013

Letters and Birthday Wishes

Hi friends! It's been a while, hasn't it? Maybe M and I will track down more free time this year to bop here more often (aaaand maybe not). 

Just a few thoughts coming your way. Ready? 

First off, it is the lovely Madeleine's EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY! (Sorry about the shouting. I'll warn you next time) Soooo... A round of Happy Birthday is in order. But that's obnoxious to type, so sing it in your head. Madeleine, (shouting, coming up) THIS IS YOUR BIRTHDAY SONG; IT ISN'T VERY LONG. HEY! 

Next order of business: just take a moment and find 5 things you're legitimately grateful for in this moment. 
1. Spit 
2. That-after rain smell
3. Contacts 
4. Clean drinking water 
5. Hot showers
Just take a minute and thank Daddy for those things. He's so, SO good to you and me. 

My wonderful newly-turned-21-year-old brother (so many August birthdays already!) has brought the blog Today's Letter's to my attention. Go check it out sometime. I think her ideas are rad, and therefore I'm borrowing her little letter idea (the one that I assume the blog is named for). But go find hers for the real deal. 

Dear contacts, I wish we got along better. I wish we saw eye to eye more often (pun  vaguely intended and intentionally left), and I mostly wish I could see better when I was driving because you weren't acting up. Dear Ryan, thank you for making me laugh so much. I hope that things brighten up a little bit for you:) Dear pride, I really need to learn to let go of you. You like to masquerade as confidence sometimes, and that sucks. Stop doing that please. Dear mom, thanks for dinner. Dear Madsauce, happy birthday, princess. Olive you! Dear need for validation, why have you been acting up so much recently? I wish you weren't so dear to me. Calm yourself. 

Happy Monday, one and all! Know you're so loved and lovely, and know that you're not alone in whatever nonsense you're going through. 

Xoxox Lauren